Important rules of hair color that we should know


Hair is very important part of our body and in order to look better , we must maintain them by coloring our hair which suits our face shape and skin tone. Hair coloring is a work of science in which chemicals are used to penetrate each hair cuticle. We must know what we are doing while following this process so we don’t damage our hair.

Here are few important rules of hair color that we should know :

1. COLOR WHEEL – It is very essential to understand the rule of color wheel in order to get the perfect color that you are trying to achieve. When you are attempting to accomplish a specific shading , you have to remember about the normal shade of the shading and afterward locate the right level of shading on the contrary site of a wheel.

2. REMAINING PIGMENT – Our hair contains yellow, red and blue pigments. When you’re lightening hair, you’re evacuating color or lifting. When you’re darkening hair, you’re loading up with color. You should comprehend what color you’re adding or expelling keeping in mind the end goal to realize what color will remain.






3. HAIR TIMING – Hair timing is very important rule in hair color. A  error in timing can lead to damage to our hair. Rough or hard textured hair takes more time to absorb the color , while fine textured hair takes less time to absorb hair color. It is hard job to determine the timing so we have to keep close check on this in order to avoid any mistakes or damages.


4. COLOR APPLICATION – On the off chance if you have uneven hair, you should separate the regions of the head and apply color accordingly for every region. You can’t make apply the color from scalp to ends and get even outcomes. Apply each area suitably and you’ll get even outcomes on uneven hair.


5. REMOVING COLOR – If you have color on your hair and wants to go lighter, you must remove the hair color first and then go in with the desired color.

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