1. Waxing is safer and no issue of cuts  

In shaving , there is high risk of cuts using sharp razor and it can cause harm to delicate body parts like neck , underarms and groin area. You have risk of having infection if you cut while shaving. Also , if you get cuts while shaving , it takes lot of time to heal and causes discomfort for long time. Whereas , while waxing , there is no fear of having cuts . Although , it is a painful process in beginning but with progress of time . Its better to get waxing at salon,  as you can burn yourself at home.

2.  Waxing lasts longer

In waxing , hair is pulled from root , so it takes time for growth to come back before 2 weeks . Whereas , shaving doesn’t that long and it becomes quite irritating doing it on daily basis too.

3.  Waxing gives soft growth

In waxing , the hair growth is softer and lighter after it grows back because regular waxing makes hair follicles weaker . Whereas, in shaving , the hair growth is thicker due to blunt ends of hair shaft.

4.  Waxing leaves skin smooth

Nowadays , waxes comes with moisturizer in them . This helps the skin to be smooth before hair removal . Whereas , shaving is an annoying process which we have to do on daily basis which makes our skin growth hard and thick.

5. Waxing is faster than shaving

Waxing is a fast process in which we are without any risk of cut , and can get our hair pulls out without worry in a fast way . Whereas , shaving is a process comes with high risk of cut which makes difficult for us to shave hair and takes up long time.

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