Essential Beauty Treatments before going to beach holiday


Pre-holiday period is usually full of stress of packing your stuff and winding up the remaining work before going to holiday. But it is very important not to forget to work on our face and body before going to holiday so that we can stay uptight and ready before holiday season.



The most important treatment before going to a beach holiday is to get waxing , but for beach holiday , normal waxing won’t be a good option. Bikini wax would be the best option for that, it will get you rid of all unwanted hair , will keep your skin smooth and hair-free for 4-5 weeks period easily.
For best holiday experience , we recommend this item for bikini wax:

It is necessary to treat your body with good scrubbing in order to achieve good tan in holiday season. A good scrub will help to remove dead skin cells and increase the blood circulation in body.

You can try this , to get smooth and smooth skin :


Before hitting the beach side during holiday season , best thing to do before going is to get good pedicure. With good pedicure, your feet will look clean and shiny. nails will be perfectly shaped and feet will look good when you are wearing flip-flops.

Alysa Beauty Salon is famous for its pedicure treatment and can give you the best and relaxing experience. In-case, you want to do at home , we recommend you this item :


Before going to holiday, it is essential to treat your hands and nails with manicure treatment. You can also try to have nail-art or nail extensions to get best look for your hands and nails to have great experience in holiday season.

We can recommend you this item to have best nail-art designs at home :


We have misconception that facial treatment won’t be useful when we exposed to sun rays during holiday but its more harmful when our unhealthy skin with dead cells get exposed to UV rays. So, we should get fruit facial before holiday, fruit facial can boost your immunity of skin to fight against sun rays. Vitamins in fruits can enhance the beauty glow too . So , it becomes necessary to choose papaya facial treatment before going to holiday.

We recommend this item for best experience :


Alysa Beauty Salon is one of the best salon in rohini , delhi , it has experience of 12 years in beauty salon industry. We offer wide range of beauty treatments at affordable price suiting your budget. We look forward to see you soon.

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